Sky Harbor, Inc. Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Hudson Florida

Our goal at Sky Harbor is the rescue, rehabilitation and hopeful release of Florida’s native and protected wildlife. We are located at
11305 Black Walnut St, Hudson, Fl 34669

Sky Harbor was founded in 1995. We are completely non-profit and totally volunteer, making a difference for wildlife and the environment.

Sky Harbor is a non-profit, 501 C 3 organization whose purpose is to make a difference for wildlife and our environment, as we preserve wildlife and learn peaceful co existence with wildlife. As required by law to possess or rehabilitate wildlife,  we are licensed through Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission and hold a state permit, Class III, bird & small mammal permit and a federal license as required for migratory birds.

Sky Harbor has a large network of responsible, permitted rehabbers across Florida … please call us for a reference to one near you!

parrotOur journey began with one small parrot that came into our lives. In 1995, giving a neglected spectacled amazon, named Bobbi, a safe home, provided new insight into the plight of many species of animal. As Bobbi stole our hearts, more parrots, some abused, neglected or abandoned, found their way into our home and hearts and “Wind Beneath My Wings”, a parrot sitting and behavior modification service was founded in 1996.

By 1998, we had founded Sky Harbor, Inc., a non profit, 501 c3 rehabilitation center for the rescue, rehab and hopeful release of injured and orphaned wildlife in Florida. Working out of our home and tiny back yard in Tarpon Springs for several years was chaos, with many cages and no real space to allow recovering wildlife to heal. In 2005, through the sale of the Tarpon Springs home, we purchased two beautiful acres of lake front property in Hudson, Florida. Our center expanded and we constructed larger enclosures and flight cages. A care center and educational pavilion with a nature pond was created and built! Flight cages, a raptor barn and roomy cages were also constructed.

roundCagesIn early 2010, we were offered a fabulous donation of cages from a zoo in Kissimmee, Florida. Jungleland Zoo, had closed about eight years ago, huge sturdy zoo cages now sat empty, braving the elements and several hurricanes. Mr. Les Kaltenecker had purchased the property and was turning it into a paint ball field. The huge cages had to go. Six long weeks were put into traveling to Kissimmee, with our team of volunteers, to disassemble, remove and transport the seven large cages back to our center in Hudson.

Summer 2010 arrived with our cages up and running.  Each season since, the cages have been filled with wildlife being rehabbed and awaiting release back to the wild.  These cages were such a blessing and we are so very grateful they came to us.  We have certainly put them to good use.

Our life’s journey takes us into the future, as our center grows and our dedication deepens. Please enjoy your time on our website, we hope you will find it both delightful and informative!

Tours & programs available by appointment.
Children’s programs and tours.
Donations Welcomed!