Monthly Needs

Each season runs about from March to September … although we do get late babies. Approximately 50-70 animals come in each month. There are usually on average 3-500 animals here during season, depending on the weather. Severe cold and storms bring higher numbers. Sky Harbor’s success rate is about 85-90% of animals returned to the wild, depending on their condition when they arrive. Many people try to care for them on their own and those animals are often seriously compromised upon arrival from well meaning but improper care — incorrect foods, improper feeding techniques ( aspirated), not being kept warm, kids allowed to play with them, … etc. Then again, we get some folks who have done a bang up job on care.

To support our work, PLEASE DONATE

To care for our animal charges, every month we purchase:

  • Scratch grains, $14.99 a 50 # bag … at least 6 per month.
  • Layer pellets  $13.00 a 50# bag … 4 per month.
  • Pigeon food  $16.00 a 50# bag … 2 per month.
  • Bird seed…14.00 a 50# bag … 4 per month.
  • Dog and cat food, dry and canned, $200 a month.
  • Pedialyte … 3 bottles per month … $8.00.
  • Cheerios and Fruit Loops … usually a donated item from tours.
  • Hay and straw for bedding … $7-$10 a bale … 10 bales per month.
  • Laundry soap  4-5 bottles per month …  $20.
  • Kaytee hand feeding formula (birds)  3# bag … $35.
  • Fox Valley milk replacers  #20 lbs, $221.00, can go thru 3 per season.
  • Nurse All deer milk … 3# @ $14.99… usage depending on how many fawns com in … 4-5 per month.
  • Deer pellets 50# bag … $16.00,  usually 2-3 per season.
  • Greens and veggies for turtles … $40 per month.

WATER usage

  • 8-10 loads of laundry per day.
  • Washing food dishes and cages in care center.
  • Mixing foods.
  • Filling 12 pools with fresh water daily 2-3 times.
  • Filling about 20-25 water pans several times a day.
  • Hosing off/out all cages.
  • Refilling turtle pool.



  • Well pump to for water.
  • Air conditioning in the bird room and care center.
  • Fans, lights, heating pads.
  • Night lights and security cameras in the wildlife area.
  • Pressure washer.

We have our own chickens and use eggs and duck eggs to feed many of the animals including raccoons and possums. We grow as much as we can in our own greenhouse.

98% of all items at Sky Harbor are donated … Including kennels, cages, enclosures, fencing, plants, trees, picnic tables, lawn benches, landscaping materials, igloos, dog houses, pools, our greenhouse.  We recycle anything.