Sky Harbor Hospital

Our Hospital and Care Center

Sky Harbor has a special building used only for the care and treatment of injured, sick and orphaned wildlife brought to us. The care center or hospital is conveniently situated just outside our personal residence, at the front of the facility property and allows people who have brought us rescued wildlife, to see and understand a little better, how rehabbers care for wildlife.

Sky Harbor Wildlife Rehabilitation
Sky Harbor’s Wildlife Hospital

We NEVER bring wildlife into our personal home for care. Domestic pets, household noises, cooking odors and chemical cleaning products can be detrimental to wildlife’s well being and create stress.

Isolation Cages at Sky Harbor Hospital
Isolation Cages

We also have a separate ISOLATION enclosure, with four large stainless steel cages for those animals that arrive with contagious illness. This ISO is located outside our hospital and away from our healthy animals. The stainless steel cages allow us to sanitize and disinfect after each animal!

The four stainless steel cages were a donation to Sky Harbor, a few years ago, from Rick Chaboudy of the Suncoast Animal League!


Sky Harbor Care and Triage Center

After 6 years in a small 10 x 20 building, we expanded our care and triage center with a brand new building. Our new center is 12 x 36, includes three separate rooms for care. A triage room, fully equipped for the emergency care and treatment of injured wildlife. A separate room with stainless steel veterinary cages for easy care and sanitary conditions houses all critical care and injured animals. The third room is dedicated to storage, feed and equipment along with laundry facilities.

A narrow covered deck, with limited access is planned for the coming year, to be added on the front of the building. This will allow us to place cages outside during fair weather giving recovering animals fresh air and acclimation to the outdoors.

Wildlife is rescued and brought directly to our center for immediate assessment and treatment by our staff. A quiet soothing environment is essential to their well being.

We have a couple of fantastic and generous vets who are always available should we require x-rays or surgery.