Vod the Vulture

“When I was just a wee vulture, I fell from my  nest … squabbling with my brother, you know how THAT goes!  Well, HE pushed me and the next thing I knew I am on the ground!  As I was trying to figure out how to get back in the nest before mom got back … my vulture mom that is, I hear this funny noise … ooooh, like something breathing heavy and growling.  There in the bushes was this hairy dog and he wasn’t looking too nice at all!  Next thing I know he is trying to eat me … I screamed for mom, but she was out grocery shopping and couldn’t hear me. I ran and ran, but the dog got hold of me and bit me, right on my little backside, a bunch of times!”

Vod the Vulture
Vod’sBaby Picture

“After what seemed like forever, my mom came home and attacked the dog.  He didn’t like that much and ran off.  Mom couldn’t figure out how to get me in the nest again either.  My behind really hurt, it was bleeding and now flies were starting to come and sit on it!”

“Then, a nice lady came along and found me all miserable, so she took me to Ehrlich Animal Clinic, where my mom’s friend Cindy works.  They were very nice to me there, made my behind feel much better and fixed me right up.  Then they sent me to live with my human mom, Lynda who runs Sky Harbor Wildlife Rehab!”

Vod grew to be a fine, handsome vulture and at long last was ready to be set free. Vod hung around Sky Harbor for many months after release, learning to fly and meeting other vultures who flew in. Finally, he flew off with other vultures and we figured we had seen the last of him.

Vod returned a month or so later and stayed at our center many weeks, joined by his newly made friends.Today Vod flies off and returns frequently to the center, hanging out and sleeping in the trees above the wildlife area.

Vod has decided that Sky Harbor is home and we are his family. We are honored that he chose us. We have grown to love him, his antics and working around the center with him trailing close behind … (you never know when there might be handout of some stinky meat).

Vod loves visitors and can be seen following groups on tours and hamming it up for anyone with a camera. Vod is a wonderful ambassador for vultures here at Sky Harbor. He is the love of my life and I cant imagine life without Vod.