Our volunteers are especially dedicated to the work here at Sky Harbor.  Their devotion, concern and dedication is most valuable to the animals and our cause.  Our volunteers are here at 8:30 am until about noon, Monday – Friday, depending on how much work there is to be done.

eva-ospreyVolunteers at Sky Harbor assist with everything from feeding babies, setting up caging for new admissions and emergencies, capture, release and of course, the MOST fun part…..cleaning up those messy cages !!  Now, how fun is that?

Kelly-feeding-fawnThere is always something to keep us busy here at the center … preparing for the arrival of tiny orphaned raccoons found in a box of fruit delivered to a fruit stand; catching a young raccoon inside
a large cage for release; working for weeks with tiny squirrels and raccoons, who have been traumatized by some event that brought them to us, just to get them to take a bottle of formula.

Volunteers are trained right  here, on the job and quickly understand there is more to rehabbing than cuddling sweet fuzzy babies. Patience becomes a necessary virtue, wearing wet clothes with
feeding formulas and various other undesirable fluids on them DeerInCratebecomes the norm.  Hot, tired, we learn so much and go away with great satisfaction and success.  Over the years, we have
discovered  that pretty much, “anything is possible”!

Volunteers are always welcome and encouraged at Sky Harbor.  If interested, contact us, set up an initial  visit and come see if you are ready to be a part of our volunteer family.  Without volunteers our
work would be so much more difficult and not nearly as much fun !

We require volunteers to be at least 18 years of age. There is no smoking & no cell phones!  We do expect volunteers to show up when scheduled and to call in advance if unable to come that day.
Volunteering requires work, sweat, heat, dirt, mud, poo and many other interesting things, including the satisfaction of making a difference in your world and the lives of wildlife.

Remember, handling and caring for wild animals can be dangerous and is usually more involved than caring for a pet.  Please be responsible and kind, call a rehabber who is trained in all aspects
of wild animal care.  As humans, we already do so much damage with construction and too many roadways, don’t do more damage by trying to care for the animal yourself.

Our purpose in rehabbing wildlife is to give them a chance to return to their homes in the wild … and not to live a lonely miserable life as a pet or for our personal entertainment.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Phil Goodman who has  been there from the very beginning, even before Sky Harbor was born, for being willing to run and pick up rescues, for bringing me Breaker 1-9, teaching me about snakes, letting me assist on gator captures and especially for putting down those hopelessly injured deer, roadside, sparing me the heartbreak and getting the meat to those who needed it.

  • Mary Lou has been with us since 2006
  • Mary since 2006
  • Renate since 2006
  • Franny since 2010

Thanks to y ou all, for sticking by this crazy old critter woman all these years!!!