Wish List

At Sky Harbor, we recycle many items. That old stockade or chain link fence you are dying to replace, would make a great pen or enclosure. Those old boards from a broken fence or shed can be recycled into a roof or lean to shelter…the possibilities are boundless.

Those plants you are digging up to re landscape the front yard, could be replanted between cages and enclosures for privacy and stress reduction or just to make our animals temporary homes beautiful and jungle like….not to mention good for the environment!

So many things we need and so many used items we can still put to good use. Don’t send things to the landfill, call us, we might be able to put it back into service in some way for the benefit of our wildlife.

  • Wish List
  • Gift certificates from Winn Dixie, Walmart, Save-A-Lot stores
  • Laundry Soap.
  • Pine Sol regular scent.
  • Dry dog/cat food.
  • Canned dog/cat food.
  • Wild bird seeds (NO sunflower seeds).
  • Straw & hay bales.
  • Old decking materials.
  • Lumber.
  • Rope lighting (clear)
  • Outdoor lights.
  • Concrete patio squares.
  • Gates, chain link panels.
  • Dog runs.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans.
  • Lattice panels.
  • Paper towels.
  • Dish soap.
  • Decorative rocks.
  • Gazebo, used outdoor benches.
  • Stockade fence and posts, used/new.
  • Chain link fencing, used/new.
  • Landscape timbers.
  • Plastic swimming pools.
  • Plants, shrubs (we will dig them up for you).
  • Gift Certificates from Winning Circle Feed Depot
    St Rd 52, Hudson, Fl  Ask for Natalie or Diane
  • Fox Valley Nutrition and rehab supplies
    Chris’s Squirrels and More
    PO BOX 365
    Somers, Ct 06071